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  • Alisa Premier Cruise

    Alisa – the Princess of the Ocean – Expect More Than A Cruise! Alisa Cruises began with a vision in 2016 to provide a new, different kind of service than what was on offer at the time. We fostered a connection among people on our cruises while providing 5-star services to everyone on board. Everywhere that Alisa goes, we bring luxury worthy of a princess, for which the company is named.Everything we do at Alisa Premier Cruise is to facilitate a greater connection between customers and staff; we commit to providing the highest quality service and acknowledge that the needs of the customer should be put first.We consider ourselves to have a dual responsibility towards society and the environment and the way we conduct ourselves on and off the ship reflects this. We are devoted to keeping the trust that customers continuously place in us and are constantly inspired to be the best cruise in Halong Bay that we can be.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 210
    $ 160 /person
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  • Au Co Cruise

    The first class facilities aboard the Au Co Cruise are of luxury hotel standard, and our setting amongst the gorgeous limestone towers and gently lapping sea of Halong Bay is a marriage made in Heaven. There are spa and jacuzzi facilities on board, as well as a library, sundeck, restaurant, bar, and a nighttime cinema.Views of the UNESCO Heritage-listed Halong Bay are omnipresent throughout the Au Co Cruise and onboard experiences are only enhanced by its splendour. All of our meals are in full view of the bay and any time spent relaxing on the sundeck or in your cabin will be to the soundtrack of gently lapping waves against forest-topped mountains.Our itinerary features many exciting excursions to islands, caves and floating villages, while still giving you enough time to unwind aboard the Au Co Cruise.Choose the Au Co Cruise for a luxurious stay in Halong Bay.
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2012
    From $ 219
    $ 184 /person
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  • Doris Cruise

    Doris Cruise is the most luxurious cruise in Lan Ha Bay which was launched in 2019. This is s steel cruise with 24 fully equipped luxury cabins which bring the utmost comfort to clients. With a private balcony, private hot tub in rooms, elegant restaurant, spacious sundeck and seasonal outdoor swimming pool, we guarantee to bring our passengers the 5-star quality experience while sailing with us. Our cruising itinerary is unique and promised to be an unforgettable experience of your trip.Besides, we provide multiple choices of rooms on board, which can meet everyone’s request, from Double, Triple to Family connecting room. We also have Honeymoon Suite and VIP rooms with the best location – on the 3rd floor with private sun terrace and unique design. Doris Cruise is committed to being the best cruise in Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay with a professional crew team, modern facilities and the best cruising itinerary. Join us for a memorable cruise of your life!
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 210
    $ 170 /person
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  • Dynasty Cruise

    Dynasty Cruise is a new luxury cruise launched in Halong Bay. The cruise is designed in the European royal style mixed with traditional Vietnamese decoration. At Dynasty Cruise, we focus on bringing the best overnight luxury cruises to customers. Our ambition is to be one of the most luxurious cruise brands in Halong Bay in terms of service quality and premium amenities.Being one of the best cruises in Halong Bay among hundreds of cruises , Dynasty Cruise departs daily from Tuan Chau harbor with luxury 22 cabins. We have a professional team onboard which always ready to be at your service. Travel with us and we guarantee you will bring the best memories of Halong Bay home!
    Halong Bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 230
    $ 190 /person
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  • Dynasty Legend Cruise

    Dynasty Legend Cruise is a brand new luxury cruise in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. The cruise is outstanding with its converged elegance, sophistication and modernity. At Dynasty Legend Cruise, we focus on the luxury cruise and great customer service, which soon will make our cruise be one of the most luxurious cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay in terms of service quality and premium amenities.Dynasty Legend Cruise departs from Sun Group port, a new port with high quality. Travel with one of the most luxury cruise in Halong Bay, you will experience the high quality of the trip from the end to the beginning. We hope that our highly professional and careful team, from transport service to staff at waiting lounge to crew members on board will make your overnight trip in Bai Tu Long Bay one of the best journeys in Vietnam. 
    Bai Tu Long bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 250
    $ 210 /person
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  • Emperor Cruises

    The eight luxury suites of the Emperor Cruise are named in accordance with the final king of Vietnam, Emperor Bao Dai, whose royal villas evidenced the lavish lifestyle in which he lived. This is the irrefutable style of Emperor Cruises: luxury accommodation and luxury service fit for an emperor. The warm colours, deluxe furnishings and walls decked with art portray an opulence worthy of the Nguyen Dynasty, measuring a generous space between 38 and 70 square metres. Private balconies with views over the stunning Bai Tu Long Bay are uniform in all of our cabins, meaning that you can soak up the expansive views over the passing seascape. The wide bathrooms house every modern amenity you could need, including a large bathtub next to a floor-to-ceiling length window. Enjoy the elegant sunset from here or from our wonderful sundeck upstairs, the place to be for relaxing, sunbathing, soaking in the views and partying with a drink.Emperor Cruise would like to welcome you, our distinguished guest, to try our luxurious offerings in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
    Bai Tu Long Bay - Launched in 2000
    From $ 290
    $ 245 /person
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  • Era Cruises

    After launching late last year (2017), Era Cruise became the second cruise to depart on a daily basis from Dinh Vu pier, Hai Phong, through Lan Ha Bay and into world-renowned Halong Bay.18 cabins and suites onboard provide customers with luxury accommodation and the promise of travel with style, which is an ideal choice for families, couples and friends. Our state-of-the-art liner glides effortlessly between the towering limestone karsts, hidden beaches and mysterious caves of the bays.You are never far from the magic of the bays from the private sun terrace featured in all of our large cabins. Should you feel the need to leave your cabin, you have a spacious 74 square metres in which to roam, the biggest of its kind in Halong Bay. Era Cruise also offers rooms for families travelling with young kids, so it's easier for your family to enjoy your vacation in Halong Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 230
    $ 200 /person
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  • Heritage Cruise

    With 20 cabins, two restaurants, a spa, swimming pool, bar and two lounges, the Halong Bay Heritage Cruise is defining the pinnacle of luxury cruises in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Passengers will be spoiled for choice in onboard entertainment, which together with our attentive staff and royal décor, creates an experience of the utmost comfort and opulence.The route sailed by the Heritage Cruise takes our passengers through Lan Ha Bay, where the beauty of the scenery is absolutely equal to that of Halong Bay. Lan Ha is a lesser-known route with the same incredible limestone karsts as Halong; something that bestows a greater sense of peace to every cruise undertaken by Heritage.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    $ 214 /person
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  • Indochine Cruise

    Indochine Cruise is a pioneer among Halong Bay cruises and Lan Ha Bay cruises, having amassed over 20 years of experience sailing through Vietnam's premier seascape. The company’s newest venture sets its sights on new records, presenting a new itinerary and the largest luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay.43 cabins are all home to 5-star comforts, including a balcony and between 32m² and 80m² of space. All suites come with a personal Jacuzzi, while guests at all levels are invited to make use of the giant communal hot tub on the 3rd deck. Along with this, the spacious sundeck, sultry lounge, spa centre, international bar and two beautiful restaurants complete a luxury cruise bringing new horizons to Lan Ha Bay. Do not hesitate to choose Indochine Cruise Halong Bay for your trip in Halong Bay.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2019
    From $ 218
    $ 188 /person
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  • Mon Cheri Cruises

    Mon Cheri Cruise launched in 2017 is the ultimate connection between great hospitality and Halong Bay’s beautiful natural landscape. Our first class service is there to facilitate your enjoyment of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed bay and its surrounding areas.Your comfort is always our number one priority from start to finish on any of our tours. The professional and warm aura of our staff members will be a constant presence on your cruise. They will listen to your requirements and meet them with enthusiasm.We travel to the more quiet areas of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay so you can enjoy their splendour in peace. We always strive to get the best views of the bays’ limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and magical caves and we anchor in the most secluded spots so you can enjoy a level of tranquillity that no other service can provide.We maximize your family vacation or honeymoon time in Halong Bay by ferrying you between Hanoi and Halong in a much quicker time than other services, meaning you have more opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the bay.Sit back and let Mon Cheri take care of you.
    Lan Ha Bay - Launched in 2017
    From $ 231
    $ 191 /person
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In Halong Bay, there are hundreds of cruises but below is the answer for you if you are looking at the most luxurious Halong Bay Cruises.

The cruises we listed below are the most luxurious cruises which have the best services for high – end clients who have a good budget for your trip. Those luxury cruises will exceed expectations.

What are they – The most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay?

They are luxury cruises that have sophisticated boat design, royal amenities, impeccable service, and gourmet cuisine. They will be a good cruise for you when you are on the honeymoon holiday, birthday or wedding anniversary or just for your family and friends when you wish to have an enjoyable time in the most beautiful places in the world – Halong Bay.

They will be the best cruises in Halong Bay with luxury cabin, professional crews which can meet most of your demands.

Most of the cruises will have a private balcony where you can relax in your free time in your own way. The cruises listed below are those that offer the very best amenities that you can find in 5-star hotels: Comfortable bedding, exquisite food, jacuzzi, spa service, safe box in the room.

Those most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay have their luxury bus for travelers who want to use the bus. They will be the luxury Dcar Limousine bus or van and go on the expressway to save your time on the road.

Each luxury cruise has its own uniqueness. There are cruises with a private butler to help you to tailor your trip to Halong Bay and serve you whenever you wish. There are cruises with the exclusive library onboard and other ones with a swimming pool on the cruise or unlimited drinks like tea and coffee, house wine, local beer, fruit juices.

They are luxury cruises for different styles. There are cruises for your honeymoon couple, cruises for your family with kids, junk boat cruise or steel cruises but all of them are the most excellent cruises. 

They are the best cruises in Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay and most of them are the new cruises, steel cruise for safety. 

Please click on each cruise and you will see the detail of the cruises and see the difference of each cruise.

Itinerary of those most luxurious Halong Bay cruises

There are different itineraries for those cruises depending on they are cruises in Halong Bay, cruises in Bai Tu Long Bay or cruises in Lan Ha Bay. That is because Halong Bay is the general name for 3 bays there. They are Halong Bay which is near Halong City, Bai Tu Long Bay in the East of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay which is in the South of Halong Bay.

All of the cruises will need to follow the route of the government in general and they can change the itinerary a bit by changing the schedule. You can see the general itinerary of them below.

Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary 

The cruises in Halong will start from Tuan Chau Pier or Sun Pier (a new pier from 2019) with the welcome drinks, check-in and have lunch then go to Sung Sot Cave for visiting this amazing cave. You will have time for walking in this cave seeing the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites in the different shapes. 

After that, you will enjoy the time kayaking on your own to visit the Luon Cave and around or enjoy the relaxation time on the sampan boat rowed by the local people. Luon Cave is like the tunnel cave where you can do kayak through to see the beautiful lagoon and have a chance to see the monkeys there coming to say eat some fruits donated by tourists to them or say hello to tourists. 

You will enjoy the beautiful sunset time on the cruise among the thousands of limestone islands and have happy hours for the drinks while talking to your friends.

Enjoy your dinner in Halong Bay and you will have evening activities like squid fishing, music performance, play some games or chat with your friends. Stay overnight on the cruises.

Get up with the Tai Chi lesson in the early morning with the fresh air. That will be so enjoyable and it is really good for your health. 

You will then visit Titov Island where you can go swimming there or do hiking to the top of the island for seeing the panorama view of Halong Bay. You will go back to the harbor and go back to your luxury shuttle bus/ van or private car for going back to Hanoi. 

Above is the itinerary for 2 day 1 night Halong Bay Cruise. If you take the 2 night Halong Bay cruise you will move to the smaller the boat for visiting Cua Van Fishing Village, kayaking or swimming in the small and remote beaches in the remote area. Cruise pass Drum and Trinh Nu Cave and get back to your big boat in the afternoon for overnight.

Lan Ha Bay Cruise Itinerary 

You will take the luxury shuttle bus/van from or your private car to your hotel for transfer on the expressway to Got Pier. Hop on the cruise then have welcome drinks while the cruise manager will have the briefing about the cruise and cruise safety. You will check into your cabins and enjoy the cruising among the clean and quiet bay.

Lan Ha Bay is the less touristic comparing to Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay so it is quieter and cleaner than other bays.

You will then enjoy your time on the sampan boat or kayaking in the Dark and Bright Caves area. 

Go back to your cruise for the sunset party and that will be a beautiful and romantic time for you especially when you are with your honey.

You will then have dinner in the middle of the bay and relax on the cruise. The next morning you can enjoy the Tai Chi lesson guided by Tai Chi master. That is the time to understand the universe and your body. 

Visit the Tra Bau where local people stay there for fishing. You will have time for swimming there in clean water. 

You will enjoy the cooking class lesson on the cruise. Learn how to make the spring roll in Vietnamese style before check out your cabin.

You will enjoy the time on the cruise and go back to Got Harbour for going back to your luxury bus or your private car for going back to Hanoi.

Above is the 2 day 1 night itinerary in Lan Ha Bay. If you cruise in Lan Ha for 3 days 2 nights you will move the smaller boat on the second day for going to Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba Island for visiting the village and local people there. Enjoy the cycling time or just relax on the electric car. That will be a good time for learning more about the local life in Cat Ba Island. 

Enjoy time for kayaking and swimming in some small beaches on the way to see the remote area of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay and get back to your big boat in the afternoon for overnight.

Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise Itinerary

2 day 1 night cruise itinerary in Bai Tu Long, you will be picked up from your hotel in Hanoi for the transfer to Hon Gai Port where you will start your trip to visit Bai Tu Long.

Have lunch on your cruise while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the fresh air of the bay. You will see the different special rocks with the special shape like the shape of a monster, shape of a chopstick and they are named after those shapes. 

You will arrive at Cap La for kayaking or swimming there then go back to your cruise for the sunset party. 

Have an overnight on the luxury cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay where you can enjoy some activities like squid fishing, karaoke singing, chatting with your friends or just enjoying the time in the middle of the World Natural Heritage.

Next morning you will have a chance of joining a Tai Chi lesson before breakfast. Then you will visit Thien Canh Son Cave for walking among the beautiful cave. 

Go back to your cruise for checking out your cabin before going back to Hon Gai Harbour for going back to your bus for the transfer to Hanoi. 

If you visit Bai Tu Long Cruise for 2 nights you will have a full day in the remote area for kayaking or swimming in Cong Dam, Cong Do. Go back to your big boat in the afternoon and stay another night.

Above are the general different itineraries for different cruises starting from the different piers. Please see the detail for different cruises of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay in 2020 and 2021 as below.

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